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Black Friday

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Strange things happen after a day of Christmas shopping

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Quite the creepy interpretation of the dark side of the holiday season.

Dark depressing and weird

Sounds like something out of the mind of David Firth

About time we get something awesome like this. Original style, super creepy, and probably a message to go with it. I think one thing I really liked about the creature is that when he blinks the one eye is sideways, seemed like a last minute idea,"Hmm man this would be extra creepy if I just turned his right eye sideways." When he blinked I kept thinking how awesome it was that his eye was sideways. Still super creepy and it was well made, it reminded me of some old cartoon or something Rick would do from Rick and Morty.

Very creepy, and I'm not sure what this is supposed to mean, but I like it. Your pupil response animating really got me. Very creative and unusual characters, definitely a plus.