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Strength Bites Back

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This is a 45 second short I did for a class. I only had two weeks, so it doesn't have as much care put into it as my personal works. Still I think it deserves an upload.

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Short but still funny.
Looks like Bane's steroids aren't for everyone.

Aside from the static I thought that the voices/sound effects were pretty good! Have you tried using audacity noise reduction?

TheEvaluh responds:

Yes. Unfortunately it cannot fix an overall shitty mic. But thank you for the advice and I can assure you, that the project after my next project will have much better audio, as I will be using a new mic.

Dem Steroids, man.

you got a cool style bro might have to put it in my styles kiosk shop for people who are interested in buying styles

TheEvaluh responds:

I hope Finn the man human buys it

Good art, good lines, good and simple colors- just needs a longer run time and better vocal work. Your expressions show extreme promise, I love that rapey smile he had. Also the mic sounded a bit fuzzy or maybe it was just me. The figures reminded me vaguely of Catoblepas.