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Walking Dud

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Just something dumb I made to make myself and my family get a chuckle.

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lol their relationship is rly interesting and rly got to see carl break down thinking he didn't need his dad or could surpass him. still a kid.

Hahaha, this is fucking hilarious. XD I love The Walking Dead. Haha, CORRALLL!

Ztoons responds:

Haha thank you!

CAAAAAARRRRL!!! HAhaha. lol. I loved this so much.

Love it. Short, sweet, and funny.
Needed 40% more sfx though. Shifting away. A few reaction SFX from the side characters. etc.
Great job though! Hope to see more from you! Love your art style. Very simple design but very effective.

You know your weird when even the zombies distance themselves from you gj :)