The Hate Machine: ep12

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The back story to this episode is that the white guy thinks he's black and has a black roommate who only acts black around him because the white guy wants to get into his gang. So the gang brew up a plan to dress up in black face (except for the black guy, of course) and "initiate" him. Really, it's a thinly-veiled excuse to kick his ass. Veronica, again played by Gina Ryder, is performing a pre-taps "roll call" to make sure cadets are all accounted for. Clear as mud? Good.


In response to some of the feedback I've gotten: I don't get paid to make these. If I were getting paid, things would look/sound a little different. When I'm working on this, if there's a shortcut, I'll take it. I reuse a lot of graphics and do almost all of the voices myself. And I don't really even bother creating music for this damn thing. My primary concern is finishing the episode so I can take a break then go on to the next one. So I'm not on New Grounds to say, "Here's the best I can do." Just trying to get a little more exposure for my toon outside of the AF Academy.




that was funny, i loved it
keep up the good work!

Not Bad

It was really funny, and violent, which adds to the funniness Maybe i should go back and watch the first 11 to understand =P.

outstanding! er... awesomest.

Funny stuff man, this is the greatest. yea, i guess people won't know the humor until they see the series or if they are a zoomie or in rotc. I hope you can make more these are awesome.

So what's the point?

I see no point to this, and frankly find it quite disturbing. Reason being, the background graphics are not so good, the french thing has nothing to do with it. There is really no plot to this. I just don't see any point.

Awesome stuff

This is one of the funnier episodes of the series. Gina sure does bring more character to the show...heh. I love the fact that you have your outtakes on here. Great job, keep it up!


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Oct 21, 2002
12:25 PM EDT
Comedy - Original