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BB10 Speed Draw: Time Warp

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BB10 is a member of the Clock Crew, and is owned and created by chris-the-stick2. He was the only person to post a comment and request something. I loved his OC so much that I just went, "YEP. I'MMA DO THIS NOW." If you want your OC to be next, leave a comment and a suggestion of what you'd like to see! Whether that be a random drawing of something, or your character, I'll draw it! Music is Time Warp from Rocky Horror Pictures Show.

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100% yes

PsychoticRat responds:

Woop woop!


PsychoticRat responds:

AWW YEAH! TIME WARP! Figured it'd work out with BB10 being a clock and all :^D

wow, this was a GREAT tribute!
i love this drawing of BB10, it is so detailed and nicely drawn...
i loved the shading/lighting effects that you've added in this pic, and i liked the great shading that you did to BB10's body/costume, while everything, from his costume, to his pose, to his sword, everything was perfect!

also, your drawing of BB10 has an ''anime'' feel, so it felt like he was an anime character from a japanese show, and i liked that alot!
i might add that the clock on the sword, and the clock-face in the background were also nice and clever details as well.

overall, a great drawing, and a really nice, detailed drawing of my character!
BB10 approves!


PsychoticRat responds:

Thanks man! I always saw random characters dressed in black with objects for heads and I've had an itch to draw them forever. I thank you for letting me do so. Also, I just figured since clocks were sorta the thing to do, I just had to plop them on EVERYWHERE, but I didn't want to make it too trashy with clocks. There's about an hour and a half of footage of me dicking around with clocks and where to put them, and what poses to put BB10 in that I took out for convenience. Thank you though.

Credits & Info

2.41 / 5.00

Dec 9, 2015
12:59 PM EST