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Lake Villa Vamps- Episode 1

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The first episode in the epic new webseries from Sonny Fernandez. 4 years in the making!

Follow the Lake Villa Vamps, a group of bloodthirsty, murderous teenage vampires as they find out that they are tasked to save the world from the mighty Brethren, a werewolf empire intent on taking over the planet.

Episode 1 finds our "heroes" doing what they do best. Killing. Fighting and generally causing all kinds of chaos. But something strange is brewing as forces they cannot comprehend start to amass against them.

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You know this isnt bad but its just the animation that's turning me off

SonnyFern responds:

Check out some of the later episodes, the animation gets better and better as it goes on.

I was impressed... at the beginning...

The thing that kills it for me though is the really shitty resolution. It would've helped a lot if this were in higher quality or better yet an SWF file if you're using Flash.

The art and animation itself, however, leaves a lot to be desired on a technical scale. Thankfully it's active and intense enough to cover up this issue for the most part.

I also like how the episode started out strong with a massive, gory war before getting to the plot. That's a good way to grab the audience's attention; impress me first with the combat and keep me for the plot.

Unfortunately, all the things that covered up the bad animation & art are not present in the plot focused scenes that follow the opening action & the bad resolution doesn't help. Especially since all the dialog is done with these back & forth profile shots & no other angles.

Just to let you know, I'm being soft on this primarily because it reminds me of the days when Dead Rain still got new episodes... in 2004...

SonnyFern responds:

Thanks for the comments!

I actually agree with everything you said! But let me explain some stuff. You know when the clip says "10 days earlier"?

In real life, that's about 4 years earlier. I started this entire project 4 years ago! Before I uploaded it I went back and fixed a bunch of things, added in the opening war scene (which was done a few weeks ago) added in the kung fu shots and some other animation just to spruce it up, but 90% of what you're seeing was done a really long time ago!

That shot of the girls in the street is literally the very first thing I ever animated! So as the series goes on (it clocks in at about 3 hours total) you'll get to watch it evolve and get better and better, so I know these first few episodes are kinda rough, sounds choppy, animation is kinda lacking sometimes, but keep with it, pretty soon it all starts to even out, just stick with it : - )

Well done!

Cool First Episode! I made a 18+ animation, but yours is good for a 1st. Keep it up!