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A wolf is going for lunch in his sheep costime. Suddenly, he sees a beautiful sheep and he falls inlove. Shortly, his true indentity was revealed and he ended alone. But then?

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The ending, though. XD Poor wolf.. I am giving it this rating because it's a good story, but it could be a bit more entertaining. Good job!

AlexandraIvova responds:

Thank you,dude:) Thats my first try to make something-like-a-movie, it'll be a long road to walk:)

Loved the way you incorporated a wolf in sheep's clothing quite literally.

i liked it, made me think of nu pogodi

Nice animation.
It was funny... and it got a message inside too.

See you around, and good luck!
Massimiliano Ciullo - Ciullo Corporation

I liked it a lot. The story was fun and clever. The animation was limited, but I see a lot of potential in your future animation endeavors.

AlexandraIvova responds:

Hey, thank you:)