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Mask of Infamy

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***Warning pretentious experimental film with no plot!***

An animated film I did for my "story telling" class. This is a cartoon I did about me growing up using an emotional cover front or a mask to deal with shit.

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This was a nice work of art, it really hit alot of the right buttons for me. Its no reason why this deserves as "F" but i dont know what the grading bullets were. This is a B in my book!

I won't tell you I understood everything in this video, but I'd have to know a lot more about the requirements of your assignment to figure out why you got an F.

well, the music and the animation was awesome, everything was nicely drawn, and i liked how the movie started with the kid thinking to wear the ''mask of infamy''.
then, things got kinda weird.
did he avoid making friends with people and eventually he ended up sad and alone?
and then we saw him looking persistently a girl that he really liked in his class.
and then, through various cases of happiness and depression/sadness/masks of various emotions,then we saw him going back in time, and we saw his various stages in life, and as he was younger, he was more care-free and more relaxed, and his ''masks'' didnt dominate him as much...
so, in your movie, the story/meaning is: be yourself, and stop hiding behind masks of arrogance, pretentiousness, anger, depression, angst and stupidity?

plz let me know, because if that's not the point, then i got confused a bit.
other than that, it was a good movie, with nice drawings, good face expressions, nice ''masks'', situations and stages in the young man's life, and uhh i like that time went backwards and we saw him younger and younger, as he used less masks, or when he was just simple and care-free...

i also liked the ending alot.
there he was, lying on the floor, being trapped between his many evil ''masks'', dark emotions that existed inside him, emotions and feelings that would trap him, destroy him and ruin his life, in the long-run.
and then, the young man looks at the viewer, in the final moment of the film.
he is desparate.

the ending was amazing.
and the music, combined with the epic animation was superb.

i also liked the moment where the ''masks'' were ''glitching'', thus revealing them to us, while we were watching the kid's adventures.

overall, it was a good movie.
i didnt understand the whole meaning completely, but the ending and the general look of the movie were perfect.
(and i usually dislike ''pretentious ''art'' movies with no plot'', so that means alot!)

also, your teacher gave you an F for this movie?
your teacher is a real jerk.
he/she sucks.

i would give you a B+ or an A- for that.
(and an A+ for the drawings/animation, while the B goes for the story/lack of plot)

and 5/5 stars.

good work.

Coolprinter responds:

I must be bad at drawing because the kid (me) gets older. There's no time traveling here but skipping ahead in time, but I appreciate the amount of thought a stranger put into my cartoon without me asking :)

btw I didn't get an F, it was just a joke, I don't actually know what I got yet.

You did well making this. Although some parts of the animation were pretty odd.