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Fox News vs Star Wars

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Comedian Katherine Timpf went full bimbo about Star Wars and all its fans (as a part of her satirical act). It was originally shown on Red Eye, a satirical talk show on the Fox News channel...

However, I snatched her voice bit from a YouTube channel that kind of missed the whole satirical bit and went full rage on it, along with most Star Wars fans apparently. That was what inspired me to make this animation.

But it didn't stop there. Oh no...

The signals of this Fox News broadcast continued out into space to a galaxy far, far away...


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I would smash Kat Timpf while forcing her to watch some star wars. I would let her take my lightsaber until she started liking Star Wars. :D

Dude, it's chill. I wish Vader'd do that to Megyn Kelly. She needs to be reincarnated as someone less... cruel.

Radonroten responds:

That was a new complimentary phrase to me. Many thanks!

I'm wasn't aware of Megyn Kelly on Fox News, definitely because she is on Fox News, but for some reason I pictured her voice combined with Jar Jar. Not sure if that's less cruel though... ;)

Too basic.

Radonroten responds:

I might agree...depending on how I choose to interpret a comment where the number of words used matches the rating...which I find really quite amusing. If that's not a thing of yours, then someone should make it into their gimmick around here. :)

Anyway, your short comments got me guessing and thinking, so it's still valid and appreciated.

Here's how I see it; you got the classic iconic Vader choke, and it's riding on the new Star Wars craze. It's making fun of Fox News, which is obviously too easy (and equally necessary). You got a silly dance to an old music fad, if counted in internet-years. And it's delivered with simple animations to make a quick movie, before the new Star Wars movie hit the theaters.

In short, it's based on a mix of universal gags so it can be funny and enjoyable to most.

So, the way I choose to look at it, "too basic" means more people can enjoy it. And that's fine by me. :)

It is not even funny if you hate fox news

Radonroten responds:

But...but...there's a FOX! Swinging it's TAIL! And shaking it's BUTT! It's...you...I...they...Vader...WHAT?!!

This has been a corner stone of comedy since...since...IT'S EVEN IN THE FRIGGING BIBLE, DAMMIT!!!

Dat fox ass.

Radonroten responds:

Mesmerizing...in an strictly entertainingly disturbing way of course. <cough!>