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Matrix Snowman 3D

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Author Comments

Haven't had a "IE crashed, you fucking suck" message for a while, so I assume the bugs been fixed. Again, before watching this, have a quick look at this weeks top twenty, namely the "where is it?" film and I Am apackageofchicken. I Am apackageofchicken was at number 15. Just look at it. Then you'll know why I figured I may as well submit this. I made it after a couple of hours fiddling with a new toy, better works will come soon, as I learn to use it better.

***UPDATE 2!!!***
OK, the bugs been sorted, exported to MX and its working fine on my browser. Even if you think the movies wank (which it is really, please leave comments regarding whether it actually worked. Again, sorry about the bug before. Shiny new kit = shiny new problems. But it should be ok now.

As the reviews show, it would seem this entry is bugged. I was aware of this last night, and tried to debug on flash MX, but my OS is being really arsy with me at the moment, BSODs left right and center, so until I can upload the remedied version, you open this movie at your own risk. But there WILL be an update, so don't go blamming if it crashes out. Again, apologies for the inconvienience (it must be noted that some people ARE seeing it fine, because the score is at 3.00).-

Have you seen the weekly top twenty??? I have, and before I did I wasn't going to submit this. I saw at least 5 that even strawberry clock would have called shit.
I'm going to give you this warning before you have a look and write your scathing reviews. First off, its very short. Second, theres no sound. Thirdly, theres no plot. All you have here is practically a tech demo, I was experimenting with a shiny new bit of kit that I have, and decided to build a 3d model of a snowman, and crudely recreate a scene of the matrix. It looks nice enough but I know its flaws already. The only reason this is being submitted at all is because despite all I just said, its still far better than some of the stuff in the top twenty right now. Ladies and gentelmen, let the blamming commence...

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3d style i like

I liked this, it just seems abit on the short side of a film etc, but the 3d style was pretty neat, make it longer next time and a few more effects wouldnt hurt.

Nice 3d but make it longer and as i said before add some effects even as something as little as a flashing backround or falling star would be a nice effect,

Nice 3d style


Can be better

Too much simple. It's well done but not original and also too short and boring. Try to do something better with this like including it in a work of yours, a flash movie, etc. Adding sounds and music can make it better too.

lol stfu n00b

snowman with no brains


has potential. Love 3-D so you got extra points for that. But the Matrix is being overused. Looks like you have talent so turn this into something good. Nice try.


itz some stupid snowman do a matrix move

Credits & Info

2.09 / 5.00

Oct 20, 2002
10:05 PM EDT