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Donald Trump Vs. The Republican Debates

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Basically this is a 3 minute cartoon where Donald Chump complains about The Republican Debates because he thinks they are too long and the Debate Moderators are too mean and their questions are too tough. Maybe if he had an actual Tax Plan and maybe a legitimate plan to get the economy back on track and maybe even if he knew a little teeny bit about Foreign Policy he wouldn't get so freaked out whenever somebody asked him a question on the issues.

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oh god these are funny

tonyfamous responds:

Thanks. :-) My Bernie one was the last I'm doing though.

The animations are almost identical, the voice acting is bad, and overall, this just wasn't funny, regardless of political affiliation.

tonyfamous responds:

Hey, glad you liked it so much. ;-)

This is a general review for this series of animation. Yeah, I can be pretty lazy too. ;)

I am not a US citizen but I've seen enough of this guy not to want him for president in any country. So thanks for making fun of him, even if it is to promote some other politician. That said, my lack of interest about this particular nut-job in general and politics in total did affect my rating.

As for the animations, they are simple yet the voice sync is good and the voice acting is alright, whether it sounds like the guy in question or not. Annoying in the long run but it suits him.

Those arms though...I mean, I used cut-out arms in a my movie too, but I tried to cover it up behind a news text border. So, from one lazy animator to another, for future movies I suggest covering up part of his lower body and enough of those cut-out arms to make them a bit more...pleasing to the eye. It's a cheap trick and I'm going to use it again myself whenever I can. :)

tonyfamous responds:

Thanks. I admit I'm not much of an animator but I will put more effort in on videos that I think will be more viewed. These are just a series of monologues that I wrote and wanted to get out quickly before we here in the U.S. woke up and got rid of Trump as a presidential candidate. I actually have 2 more Trump videos written and voiced that I'm going to finish working on and then I'm on to something else. :-)

Meh, he's right about the debate publicity boost. Ha, fake hair. I hear Bernie's been motivating the disconnected voters to vote. Nice review of recent politics.

tonyfamous responds:

Thanks :-) and did you here his new demand of 5 million dollars to appear at the next debate. He says he'll give the money to a veterans charity, but it would be a terrible precedent for the media to set.

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2.67 / 5.00

Dec 1, 2015
9:04 AM EST