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It's been just over a year since this was originally finished, but because the music I'd used before had been copyrighted, it's never been able to leave the web. Azhthar has created a gorgeous original score for PRISM and I wanted to reupload this new version so that he could be recognized for all his hard work.

Please take the time to check out some of his other work -

I'd also like to thank dellaciel for her vocal contributions as the narrator.

PRISM tells a tale of human connections in the modern age, its characters woven together by relationships and circumstance. PRISM is a visual poem that explores a variety of themes such as the passage of time, human development, and finding one's place within society.

Here's some of my other work too- http://gopherguy.deviantart.com/

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I almost feel like these two things would have been better separate.

By that I mean, either just go with the narration, or just go with the animation.

Together, they seem redundant. Just my thoughts.

Still, very good technical chops here. Keep on chugging.

Bleak-Creep responds:

Thanks, I understand what you're getting at. My goal with the animation was to put the poem into a context. I meant for the poem itself to be more open to interpretation and this was meant to be one such interpretation of that.

5 minutes of hipster "LOOK AT HOW MEANINGLESS WE ARE!" talk.

Nice music, visuals are meh, the voice actor could use a better microphone and pronouncing the "P" in a more subtle way.

Music is everything.

Bleak-Creep responds:

You can thank Azhthar for that. He does some incredible work.

was dubious of how good this was going to be at first but have to say i loved it by the end!

Bleak-Creep responds:

Glad to hear it!

Now that was one incredible depiction of life.

Bleak-Creep responds:

Thanks! This means a lot.