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It's been just over a year since this was originally finished, but because the music I'd used before had been copyrighted, it's never been able to leave the web. Azhthar has created a gorgeous original score for PRISM and I wanted to reupload this new version so that he could be recognized for all his hard work.

Please take the time to check out some of his other work

I'd also like to thank dellaciel for her vocal contributions as the narrator.

PRISM tells a tale of human connections in the modern age, its characters woven together by relationships and circumstance. PRISM is a visual poem that explores a variety of themes such as the passage of time, human development, and finding one's place within society.



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I almost feel like these two things would have been better separate.

By that I mean, either just go with the narration, or just go with the animation.

Together, they seem redundant. Just my thoughts.

Still, very good technical chops here. Keep on chugging.

Bleak-Creep responds:

Thanks, I understand what you're getting at. My goal with the animation was to put the poem into a context. I meant for the poem itself to be more open to interpretation and this was meant to be one such interpretation of that.

5 minutes of hipster "LOOK AT HOW MEANINGLESS WE ARE!" talk.

Nice music, visuals are meh, the voice actor could use a better microphone and pronouncing the "P" in a more subtle way.

Music is everything.

Bleak-Creep responds:

You can thank Azhthar for that. He does some incredible work.

was dubious of how good this was going to be at first but have to say i loved it by the end!

Bleak-Creep responds:

Glad to hear it!

Now that was one incredible depiction of life.

Bleak-Creep responds:

Thanks! This means a lot.

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Nov 29, 2015
12:34 PM EST