The Beatles in: The Bestles

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One man will go to any lengths to convince John, Paul, George and Ringo to be a member of The Beatles once again.


Very cool, and so different from your other videos; such variety with them all!

Pete Best and Stu Sutcliffe are the most underrated Beatles members that no one knows. Great video by the way

As a big Beatles fan I found this to be absolutely hysterical and incredibly enjoyable. Will watch it several more times to catch every last little reference thrown in there. Excellent work!!!

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Michael-T-Scott responds:

It's passed the Beatles-fandom test so far. I was sweating it out at first, but I'm happy with the response it's received from folks like yourself.

Though animation is a little wooden, the writing is great and the voice acting and audio quality is really great. Shame i don't know a thing about the Beatles, because this would all make allot more sense if i did.

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The animation isn't the best, it's good enough to make the submission work though. However the concept, writing, and voice acting is all top notch and more than makes up for it! Nobody does seem to remember Pete Best who was undoubtedly cheesed off at the Beatles subsequent popularity. You perfectly captured the Beatles' speaking mannerisms and sense of humor, the little quips they had made me feel like I was actually watching A Hard Day's Night or Help! The little gags are great and I thought I'd point out some of my favorites.

* John Lennon scribbling down lyrics after the tow trucker driver says "I don't want to see you stuck outside Strawberry Field forever."

*The parrot giving John the idea for "Help!"

*Paperback Writer joke on the Buckingham Palace sign?

*Newspaper: Cheaper than in the future

*How ridiculous the Sgt. Pepper jokes got

Also, just one note one of the Newspaper you wrote "Jerry and the Pacemakers" when it's actually "Gerry and the Pacemakers" Sorry, but I had to point that out. Great work!

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Michael-T-Scott responds:

Ha! I'll take the knock on the 'Gerry' gaffe. (I'm happy you paid THAT much attention to it.)

There's plenty of fun little references tucked away and I'm glad when folks appreciate them. And I am VERY appreciative of the praise that the tone was very Beatles-esque. I really wanted to get that right.

Thanks so much for noticing the effort in the ideas put into this one.

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Nov 29, 2015
10:49 AM EST
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