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My Mountain and I: "Space Totem Sings The Hits!"

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Now YOU can bring an omnipotent being that transcends your understanding of everything into your home to sing his favorite inspirational hits!

My Mountain and I:
Episode 1: "Olympics" - https://youtu.be/gwv02ZNyvnI
Episode 2: "Movie" - https://youtu.be/Ei3TnMe-z5c
Episode 3: "Obeji's Work"- https://youtu.be/hbuRgA_81cc
Episode 4: "Halloween" - https://youtu.be/S4STh275HMs
Episode 5: "Great Dark" - https://youtu.be/2siKPYOi9RI
This is episode 6
Episode 7: "Coffee Cradlâ„¢" - https://youtu.be/tCBZLPSNqmI
Episode 8: "Merry 4th Quarter Fiscal Earnings Reporting Period" - https://youtu.be/2FrYfi1YxYo

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Mike's comic: www.mannequinamerican.com

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I can't wait to hear his whole album! Ever since I heard Space Totem on the radio, I've been hearing the awful emptiness between stars and the distant screaming that is the chaos seeping from every atom. I'm hoping his beautiful, terrifying basso profundo will finally expose me to the burning light of forever, and I will at last lose myself in an eternal holocaust of mindless existence as my flesh, mind and soul are incinerated in an instance of cosmic truth, ending my pointless torment at last. I'm ordering a couple for my friends too!

A daily feature with no review?! Why?! Ok, I'll try:

As a fan of the "My Mountain and I" series I was at first a bit confused that the two main characters didn't really appear in this episode, but boy was it hilarious!
Sure, it's not the first parody of a classic TV-commerical for music compilations, but the dark humor of this flashmovie is almost lovecraftish sinister and therefore creates a very fesh & funny tune to the genre. I watched it 3 times the last past days and it still makes me smile every time :)

Guess I will go now and seek the answers that will destroy me...

Credits & Info

3.72 / 5.00

Nov 23, 2015
6:53 PM EST