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A Normal Night

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WELL better late than never I suppose, this is my entry for the 2015 Sarcastic Animation Jam. Which needed to include two of the three following things.
-A place with a broken window
-A Fishbowl
-A Line of dialogue "She's not my ___________."

I was hoping to be a champ and use all three, but due to poor time allotment; I found myself unable to use the complete script and ended up using just two of the requirements.

As such I do declare that Animation Jams...are hard.

Lesson learned, if you want to finish an animation within 72 hours as opposed to 83, don't spend the whole first day writing an elaborate script that you will NOT have time to fully animate. Doing just that leads to numerous scene cuts and a large amount of time lost in the process.

That said, this is the first complete animation I've finished in months, and it is an incredibly invigorating feeling. All that frustration that comes from hard incomplete projects doesn't seem as prevalent anymore. :D

Good luck to all of the people who managed to finish in time!
I will watch your videos once I finally get some sleep. :P

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