Metallix vs. Dark Sonic 2

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FINALLLLLY!!!! You guys must be telling yourself's lol. I am so sorry for the long wait you guys but I had so much other things to deal with while making this animation and I'm still dealing with now(Heartbreak, work related stress, stress at home, depression, almost kicked out into the streets and the desire to sometimes quit animating all together). Anyway I hope you guys enjoy the animation I put my very heart and sole into this one but I seriously cannot wait to work on the sequel called "Sonic: A World of Chaos". Idk when I will officially get started on it but Episode 1 should be coming out sometime during Spring of 2016 if all goes well. I also want you guys to know I do have a Patreon and Paypal account if you guys want to support and donate to my channel which will help out A LOT in making animations come out faster, with your donations I can focus more on creating more content and giving more time to work on bigger and better projects for you all to see. Honestly there was so many times where I couldn't work on animating just because I had money stress issues on top of me....I guess thats being an adult lol. I hope you guys enjoy and a big thank you to the people who supported me through out this animation! If you guys want to donate pls go to my Patreon or Paypal

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That was great. action was really smooth

Hey there, i used to watch a ton of these back in highschool days (whether it was DBZ, Sonic, Street Fighter, etc...) I know they take a ton of time/effort to make. Only just stumbled on this on the under judgement section, and i have to say if pretty damn good! Reminds me of the Goku V Broly series on YT i think or Mario V Sonic, similar styles and whatnot.

Keep it up, and if you have time wanna check out my stuff? I dont have much, but im tryna put out content as much as possible.


Wow that was pretty freaking epic! Great action, camera work and use of effects. Please continue to make more. This is going on the list. ;)