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Galaxy Siege 3

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You have to build your spaceship and go out to different missions in space.
Earn money and upgrade your spaceship abilitis.

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really fun and a great concept executed well but this obviously has some serious issues.

it's not clear how shields work. what the difference between proto shields and regular shields are.

the bosses are insanely stupid. why do you have to run up and touch them to start? why do they have things that one shot all your structures regardless of shield coverage? i hate having all my loot spread around so much and i hate that the magnet that floats up after you kill the boss doesn't gather all of it.

i genuinely hate that grabbers stopped at two short-ranged slow little ships and didn't have higher tiers.

i genuinely hated that my ship was the size of the whole playing field. what was the point of having left and right controls? give me a break on that.

i super hate how quickly you have unlocked and seen everything. i wanted more. i wanted a larger ship or side ships with more slots to fill up. i wanted support call to have higher tiers. i wanted healing and atomic bomb to not be so worthless.

i HATED every time rocket and rifle were the upgrade options since no one uses them. everyone just fills the ship with lasers.

overall it was great and i spent a lot of time on it but there were major issues

my #1 hate? the author was completely silent on this game since it's release. answered no questions, fixed nothing people asked him to fix, added nothing people asked him to add. i'm pretty sure he's some little studio mill that pumps out microtransaction-fueled games and doesn't care at all about the players.

is it only me or there's something off with maths in dps? it seem that some lower lvl guns pack more punch (and i mean by a lot more) than higher lvls. Edit. just made an experiment that proves me right. only two guns on ship. riffle gun. one lvl 15 and one lvl14 boss battle. lvl 14 was clear when lvl 15 had 2 more to go. there was no smaller ennemies and boss was symetrical. you should fix that because it makes no sense

There have to be hundreds of those planets! Danger level 127* approximately 3 planets per danger level about equals 381 planets. I promise you it would take hours of playtime for me to get half of those planets. You obviously put a LOT of thought into this game. I do not have that kind of commitment, so kudos to you.

I am a big fan of Galaxy Siege 2 since a few years ago (more like, several..), and I can't believe that I just found about this now..