Galaxy Siege 3

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You have to build your spaceship and go out to different missions in space.
Earn money and upgrade your spaceship abilitis.

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I don't like the fact that I can't use money for shit except to buy new stuff. I can't upgrade with it. I can't get new ship slots. It's annoying.

very very good game to play - slope lucas wilde



I really liked it. It was long but it never became too easy. still had a slight challenge at the end making it worth completing.

#1 theres a money glitch you should fix. You can click the check mark at the end of a level multiple times rapidly to collect the reward multiple times, this also works with workers that you saved. You can collect multiple workers if you click on them fast enough

#2 Machine gun is worthless. A smart player is going to take one look at the machine guns stats and decide to never use it and never level it up. I out scaled the game rather fast using that strategy to level up other gear at a faster pace. At the end i was 20 levels ahead of where i was supposed to be. I just used alien guns to replace the machine gun's role in the tower composition. Eventually after i leveled up everything else, i had to level it up as well. I didnt regret my choice after looking at its useless end game stats as well, dealing less than 5% of what an alien gun deals. Buff the machine gun.

#3 home made weapons are useless. Even if you hoard all the supplies they dont compare to a store bought weapon at all. no matter how many red gems you have, you will never compare to that 3k damage per rocket when each gem only gets you +1 damage. To fix this you need a scale factor. such as
1 gem = 1 damage
2 gems = 3 damage
3 gems = 8 damage
and so on. if you do this, you may also have to adjust gem rarity. Hell one REALLY quick fix, is get rid of the gem cap all together, if you save up 300 gems just let us use as many as we want regardless of how many people we saved. I imagine if i used all my gems at the end to make one gun, it would be half decent maybe...

#4 alien guns are over powered. I mean not even close to balanced. Last i looked they dealt 10x damage than a store bought, Huge bullet size, rapid fire, ect.
Nerf that

#5 I REALLY wanted another money collecter upgrade and was super disappointed it capped so early. The money collector should have a few more levels, even if its just to increase the pick up speed or storage capacity.

#6 Saw bosses are broken and frustrating. Some bosses are equipped with a saw that instant kills any tower it hits. But heres the kicker: to start the boss you have to enter an area where you cant leave its range. Meaning its going to break 80% of your ship in less than 1 second with NOTHING you can do about it. I mean its possible to beat by spamming support troops but say good bye to all the treasure you collected. Theres no way to get out of it wrecking you ship and i didnt like that. ( i even tried 20k+ worth of sheilds... NOPE still breaks in 1 second)

#7 end game money pick up limit glitch. After i fight a boss that inevitably destroys most my ship in .5 seconds and i drop 1000 money on the ground, the ship that comes after its defeated to collect the money on the ground only collects 50 money and stops. Any boxes, gems, people that i collected that round will not be collected. That really pissed me off every time it happened. The only solace was the OTHER glitch i found that let me collect the end game reward multiple times.

#8 fix boss fights. Boss fights are not in a place they should be in this game, i think you can do better. Right now all a boss fight consists of is:
starting the fight
spamming 6 support troops
waiting in corner for 2 seconds until its dead.
watching it explode for 10 seconds.
My advice is to make boss fights in larger arenas, make the players position relevant to the fight and add some more challenge to it so it doesn't become such a mundane task. And also fix that saw crap that kills everything in one quick sweep.

all in all it was a really good game.

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3.87 / 5.00

Nov 16, 2015
3:07 PM EST
Strategy - Tower Defense