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Gym of the Romantic Journey 1: First Day of Class

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In a land where children are expelled from their homes at the ripe age of ten, there are gyms where said kids can go to hone their skills and become ready for the larger world! The leaders of these gyms are some of the best fighters and killers in the known world, and of course they are naturally cagey, dangerous, violent people. What better way to send your children on their romantic journey of self discovery?

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That was a messed episode.
Hope this series gets continued.

Is breakfast the best way to start your day or your journey? Probably both. I think a lot of those kids were midget versions of heroes from other games. And aren't camels the ones in deserts? But goats are okay. Great satire regarding pokemon and cliche revenge stories.

When the trainer says some of those kids go on to be devoured by wild animals, does he specifically mean Pedobear? How do you go on about defeat a wild Pedobear using the element of Goat?

Despite killing not Pikachu this guy is a good teacher. Gave Not Ash a good bit of advice and a bitchin back story. Wasn't a total dick about killing his pet either.

Plus he's right about using the bathroom before class.

i really like this, it was silly and strangely relatable, the bloom effect was a nice addition

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3.89 / 5.00

Nov 14, 2015
3:44 PM EST