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Mercias and the Moon Man

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A day in the life of Mercias, a lonely man mysteriously left on Earth.

Mercias and the Moon Man are two characters I've had floating around my head for atleast three years now. It wasn't until last year that I came up with the idea to use the two charcters together for a short "Space Opera version of the Snowman" esque film.

Big thanks to my friend Tommy (T.R) Holden for providing the voice of the Moon Man and to my friend Jack Cullimore (ToucanMusic) for producing the AWESOME soundtrack! You can check out his soundcloud for more music here https://soundcloud.com/jack-cullimore

Also like to give a shout out to my friend Andy who designed a few of the background characters!
Sound effects http://www.freesfx.co.uk/
Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rL1JGMFmWk

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That was real nice. Definitely an outlet to let the imagination run wild. Just a few things I should mention:

*That didn't look like Earth. The continents n' stuff were all wrong. They wouldn't have shifted that much in just 2000 years.
*Had a hard time understanding the Moon Man at times. Subtitles would have helped.

In the future, you should shoot for more odd and quirky scenarios. Try to get some comedy up in here, if you know what I'm saying. Other than that, stellar work!

Joemadethis responds:

*The idea was that continents had shifted partly from time but I also wanted it to look like it had been changed by war. Also I wasn't really that bothered about it not looking accurate, it's sci-fi, it's a cartoon, y'know? whatever
*I did try my best to make the moon man as easy to undertand as possible, but I will admit it didn't always work. I will defintlely use subtitles for any future projects with weird /modified voices.

I wasn't really going for the comedy angle for this one particularly, I felt the Moon Mans dead pan responses were enough. I do plan on doing some more comedic shorts in future though! Thanks again for the feedback and I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE, stellar. interstellar.

Awwh..I wanted to see the other people. I like the story, very fluid, good job.

Joemadethis responds:

Thanks! Originally I planned on showing the people as well as their living situation underground, but I decided to cut it because I figured it would be too long, also I wanted the story to be told from the Moon Man's point of view, it begins with him arriving on earth and ends with him leaving.

The animation is pretty basic but seemed to fit the story and music really well. I enjoyed this and hope to see more from you.

Joemadethis responds:

That's what I was going for! Many thanks! I look forward to making more!

Your friend Jack is very good I enjoyed the music, also the story was good and kept me entertained, kinda had a space dandy effect without the sexual innuendo. I enjoyed it thank you both

Joemadethis responds:

Cheers! Yeah Space Dandy definitely had a an influence while I was making this! Awesome show, I'm sad that we probably won't see anymore (unless they make a movie)

I really enjoy the use of text in the intro with "moon man" Really accents the point you're trying to make. The effect used at the end of the intro on the title was sick. Keep doing that kind of stuff, really. Effects aside, I really love the idea of bringing what we see as the past into what we see as the "future". Really puts a perspective on how things may have always (and most likely have been) beyond our own technology. Artstyle is great. Love the creativity. Whoever did the music, did a great job as well. It fits the theme, and sounds brilliant. Happily ambient.

Joemadethis responds:

Cheers! I brought over a lot of ideas for the effects from studying film and really wanted to make this animation feel like a spectacle! My friend Jack did the music, who I'm looking forward to working with for future projects, cause he's great!

Credits & Info

3.74 / 5.00

Nov 9, 2015
1:16 PM EST