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Super Transformers Fun Time

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Our hero is confused and scared but boldly he marches into the future grasping on to hope, never letting go. Maybe someday underdog, maybe someday.

Episode 39.

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Here I am again, must be a 5-year thing or the T1D spirit calling to me. InsulinpumpClock takes diabetes very seriously hahah, love it. A long running televised animation program I recently saw had a character who got diabetes from weight gain and a horrible diet. The doc said, "*** has diabetes. The one where you're suppose to shame her, not feel sorry for her." Can't get enough diabetes humor. "I have diabetes."

if you take video-making more serious it would be very good. by the way autobot scene was lame

InsulinpumpClock responds:

I take diabetes very seriously!

wow, is it a bird? is it a spaceship? NO!
its INSULINUS PRIME, in all his autobot glory!
will he defeat the diabeetustrons and galvatron? only time will tell!

i loved the whole movie, it was magnificent!
and the part where(SPOILERS) insulinus prime dies (SPOILERS) , it made me so sad.
at least i managed to get the matrix!
now i shall rule cybertron with an iron fist! (literally!)

i loved all the cameos, from roman collar to sherclock, to me to kup.... everything in this was perfect!
as for the jokes? amazing!
and the great face-off between galvatron and unicron... what a tense scene! what a scary battle...
i am impressed!
but also, i got quite disturbed by what unicron requested from galvatron after he defeated him...
this request went too far! (lol)
(at first i heard it as ''cookies'', instead of ''cool kids'' hahaha)

also, your drawings of everyone, from insulinus prime to kup to galvatron, unicron, RC and triptycon, everything was highly detailed and nicely drawn.
you drew them perfectly! you got nice skills, man.

as for the ending+the easter eggs... they were really funny and awesome!
i loved how you did michael bay's voice... nice!
(same with megan's, it was funny, haha)

overall, this was an awesome transformers movie that i will always hold dear in my heart.
please do more, you rock!

InsulinpumpClock responds:

It's Pumpimus Prime! Thanks for your review. My brother did Michael bay and Megan Fox's voice. Yeah I really didn't want to do clock cameos because I'm not with them anymore but RCC and SCHolmes are my friends so it's worth it. You left me too many comments all over the place so sorry if I don't respond.

I don't know what I'll do next. I wanted to make this simple like just Trypticon at the end but it turned into one of those big ones. Hopefully it wont take years for me to make something new again.

Heeey Welcome back. Haven't seen you in a while.

Amazing how you still makes these after so long. I also love how this movie had 3 endings apparently with the easter eggs. Lol.

Keep up the good work


InsulinpumpClock responds:

Thank so much. Yeah I went overboard with those. It was to be funny. I'm glad it registered with you.