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A Matter of Caos: Episode 4

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Have you finished all the 'A Matter of Caos' games? Try this small room escape with Mr. Gilbert: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/666326

Vote for us on "Steam Greenlight": http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=542799874

The last chapter begins!

Mr. Gilbert seems to be at the end of his investigations; will he get to save Daphne? Is she still alive?

Who wanted the Caos Heart, and why? What is Lee’s plan? What’s the truth behind Lora Malaguard?

All will be revealed in this Gran Finale!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Caos is not a mispelling. It's not 'chaos'. It's Caos. It's important.

**FOR ALL USERS**: Because the Unity WebGL compiler is still in a preview version, we can’t guarantee there won’t be technical issues (like the evident mouse glitches and some sounds problem). There is no more the possibility to upload a Unity Web Player version on Newgrounds, we hope to solve all the issues in the WebGL version as soon as possible!

If you are stuck here's the walkthrough: http://www.experagamestudio.it/games/matter-caos-walkthrough/#e4

Other games on Newgrounds: http://experagamestudio.newgrounds.com/follow

To examine an item, use the ‘examine’ button (the eye) in the left inferior corner of the background (or use the ‘E’ hotkey); to select and use an item click on the item, click again on the same item to deselect it (or use the ‘E’ hotkey).

You can also save the game anytime clicking on the “Save Game” button in the game menu.

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dude i love these games! definitely one of the best point and clicks i have played

Hold on, quick question here: Is Mist supposed to be a reference to the lovecraftian Nameless Mist? Because if it is, god will I feel stupid for not noticing earlier lol

This is the most FANTASTIC series I've ever played. This even beats the Rusty Lake series. I hope for more games like this as this is easily my favorite! Make a new Mr. Gilbert series so we can continue following in the footsteps of this ancient Cthuluian detective.

ExperaGameStudio responds:

THANK YOU SO MUCH! :) Comments like this are so valuable to us! <3 We already wrote the concept for a sequel, which will be "A Matter of Caos: No Rest for the Wicked", which should be SO MUCH LONGER than this one. Still, we'd love to develop it at its best, so we're looking for enough resources to develop it at full quality. Thank you so much for your support, we're glad you liked it and we hope you'll like our other adventures as well... have an AMAZING life and keep having fun!


ExperaGameStudio responds:

Well, THANK YOU! :) We're so glad to read such an amazing comment! We already wrote a concept for a sequel, we even gave it a title: "A Matter of Caos: No Rest for the Wicked"; still, we'd love to make it a VERY good game, so we're trying to gather the right resources to make it right. We hope you'll like our other adventures as well! Thank you again and keep having fun!

3 questions:

1. what happened to Gum Shoe-lhu's Ancient powers? (why are the Ancients so weak?)
2. What version of Mack the Knife do you prefer? (Bobby Darin or Kevin Spacey)
3. Why not stay with the original artist? The art is unique and interesting!

ExperaGameStudio responds:

3 Answers:

1. The true reason why Mr. Gilbert (the last Ancient in this world) is so weak is just hinted, but we're planning to better explain it in the game's sequel, No Rest for the Wicked. Just another hint: that depend on a decision which Gilbert made a LOOOOONG time ago.
2. Kevin Spacey IS Kevin Spacey, but Bobby will always be Mack in our mind.
3. We didn't get it: the four episodes were all made by the same artist. What did you mean?