Little Monster

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A couple of us in the office set ourselves a challenge this week to create a silly little 30 second or less cartoon about horror and / or monsters ( as it's that time of year!). So here it is, created in my spare time over a couple of days, would have loved to spend more time on it but was fun little project, hope you enjoy. Created in ToonBoom Harmony.

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Tha was cool!

That did escalated quickly but somehow the plotwist if we can call that was rather interesting, I did enjoy that, keep up with the good work.

This was cute. It had a funny joke at the end. I liked it. I guess you were trying to get something at by Halloween Because this is extremely short. But it has a sense of humor so I like it.

Dailytoon responds:

Yeh, had to turn it around in a few days in my spare time, so tried for quality rather than quantity :D