TRICK OR TREAT!!! - The Last Minute Costume

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YouTube: https://youtu.be/xLms9ClUDQc

Collaboration video for Channel Frederator.
This animation was made in about 8 days on Toon Boom.
I believe that this is my best animation yet. Have applied some art techniques that I have learned in college in this animation. Examples of these are the perspective on the backgrounds and the construction and recording of an audio file.

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I can see and appreciate how this was a test of your animation skills, up-to-date, and talent as it was done in about 8 days. The animation was, interestingly, very inconsistent. You had moments of very fluid movement, particularly speech, simple mannerisms, and head gestures. But also moments of rigid and stick-like animation, particularly with walking and the child raising his arm. It seems you've managed to capture details well, but glaze over the big picture.

The kid was really sweet and cute, and the last-minute costume was fitting! I can definitely see the spark of creativity that just needs a refined touch which, obviously, will come with time and practice. So keep it up!

Graphics/Cinematics = 3/5 (It was fair overall, try playing with softer movements / transitions)
Music/Sound = 4/5 (You worked with the sound FX and BGM very well, and that voice acting was great!)
Content/Plot = 3.5/5 (Simple, cute, fairly-crafted with minimal explanation. That's good directing)

Thank you for sharing your best animation so far! I hope to see your further improvements in the future :)

Time-Breaker responds:

Thank you so much for the comment and the different ratings you gave. I will try to improve more and try to create stories which link up a bit more. :)
This was only my 4th animation.