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This is a short practice fight scene I did to try to get better at animating and also to see if I got better from 1 year ago when I made this fight scene http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/646537

After I made this I decided to redo the fight scenes in the upcoming Gunmetal Black vid because they were too craptastic so i needed to practice some more

If you're so inclined https://www.patreon.com/user?u=102503

So hopefully I can start paying some VAs for thier time

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This is awesome. i do have some criticisms though, if I may:
-The light effect you have is great for glowing eyes and bringing out colors like the blue hair, but I noticed that sometimes it causes the characters to blend in with the background in a strange way (like when they're still in the arena that happens to be a very close color to the robes of the blue-haired character)

-The hair physics when falling through the air could use some tweaking. It sort of looks like a spiked cylinder with an indentation in the center that only really moves when the character does. In real life, hair moves constantly as one falls through the air because of the velocity the wind whips through it at, and it doesn't go straight up in a perfect cone like that. There are usually gaps and areas of thinner and thicker density. I also noticed in the arena when the opponent first arrives that the hair falls a little too quickly and uniformly, like it's made of heavy cloth instead of lighter hair.

-At 0:55 when the blue-haired character falls into the crater, they kind of just roll out of it and clip through the ground to reach the next fighting position

-I believe it would suit the viewer's eyes better to have the characters moving a little slower at more dense fighting parts. Parts involving a lot of blocks and hits viewed at a high speed are rather hard to follow, and make for very unrealistic movements in comparison to the rest of clip. Fast moving scenes are good for times of little action like when they soar into the sky or charge at each other, but become a little painful to follow when movements get more technical.

-I noticed that the sound effects feel a few milliseconds or so off key, just enough to catch it. Especially when the lasers are firing and the sound doesn't go off until as the lasers are leaving the eye. I also noticed it around 2:50 when the character is blocking but the sound doesn't quite match up. It also may help to have sounds that match hitting someone else's body with intensity a little more than dropping a sand bag or a brick or something.

- When the character with the blue hair puts their sword in the ground in the arena, it might help to have a little slit or some rubble around it so it actually looks like it's planted in the ground and not just clipping inside of it.

That's all I've got. It truly is great, it just needs a little work in my opinion. Keep animating, you're awesome at it!

I actually think the film is more similar to the fighting animations in RWBY. Great BGM, good use of texture and shading, the movements were okay but other then that it was definitely worth watching.


Overall, had many themes from either a Naruto fighting game, and Afro Samurai's midair sword duel with his robot double. But honestly, I highly enjoyed it. Only giving this 4.5 cause it left me wanting more, and I wanna see more of your work!

The lead character has plenty of flashy, dexterous moves... but lacks a super move. IDK, I love the duel sword technique she pulls out, but then jumps on the robot's head? AND she's durable enough to survive sword strikes, lasers, flying through a roof... some bloodied scratches would've been a nice touch.

The coin offering to the old man with cyclopes shades at the beginning was a good calm before the storm moment.

Consider me interested in your awesome work.

Has a very video-game-esque feel to it because of the camera angles and everything. Love it but it could have been smoother

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3.84 / 5.00

Oct 29, 2015
10:19 AM EDT