Mortal Kombat High (SB Animated)

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Susbcribe in my channel if you like sutff like this:

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Ah, my old friend Dan-Dark. Funny how I've watched this so many times, over differing days, even entertained my white-bread brother with it, without knowing you were the source, as it was on You-Tube. I love your parts of the Splatterhouse Collab. I'm sure there are other videos of yours I'm fond of, but you see, I've been drinking a bit. Just so you know, I was around when Newgrounds started, on my old dial-up modem. I'm 33 now, a head chef, so I've pretty much seen it all here. You did a great service to Erin and Dan with your hilarious video. Kudos to you.

That was pretty fucking cool i loved it

Fucking LOVE this! Good Guy Johnny Cage tried to befriend the new guy.

Wish there were Engligh subs

I didnt know Starbomb did a Mortal Kombat song. This video seemed to be perfrect in sync with the song.

Awesome bro