A History Of Video Games

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Thanks fur watching. If u enjoyed, which u probs didn't, plz rate. K thnx bai


This is more "meh" worthy than any of my videos.

awarskow responds:

Do people even READ previous comments?

I am giving you a star.
That's all you get. Yes its true you can do quite a bit with stickman animations, however, YOU are not at that level yet, and it clearly shows.

SO yes the criticism below is still poignant. However if you are willing to work hard and try to get much more fluent in the prospects of animation, then people here will feel more inclined to watch your videos.

You may be young but that doesn't shield you from being criticized, and if you can't handle that, then Newgrounds is not the place to be. If you can't grow and adapt to the harsh words then maybe DA or Tumbler would suit you better.
Don't give up move forward grow, change, and improve.

Welcome to Newgrounds, how tough are ya?

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awarskow responds:

Pretty tough mang!

Also, I will tell you what you told the other person. This was animated in 12 fps, and its pretty old. I have worked on my animation a lot since then.

I wouldn't submit a video until you've at least moved beyond the stickman phase.

awarskow responds:

Animation vs animator.

This is an interesting concept, kind of a combination of the Doors and Portal collabs, but the animation is hands-down atrocious. Slow it down, capture the movements more fluidly, turn on onion skinning and physically reenact every movement you're animating.

awarskow responds:

This is kinda old, and i did it in 12 fps. It was basically a last minute entry to a film festival.
I have fully acknowledged that it's bad, and i am working very hard to improve.

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Oct 25, 2015
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