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Dragon's Lair Live!

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I collaborated with Nick Baker to make this masterwork. It took a good 5 hours to shoot and edit the thing. Anyways, enjoy.

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The whole thing got me going, saw the title card and went off laughing(not sure why :D) but when the rope swing part came..... couldn't contain it and went out bursting with laughter. Wouldn't mind watching more like these. Keep it up.

DanielFStudios responds:

Thanks. I'll make stuff like this with whatever time I can scrap up.

This video is more chuckle worthy than it has a right to be, primarily because of the helmet and that guy's dopey face. I also enjoy that around 14secs into the vid the sword appears to invert and show the background through the protagonist. I'm not sure if it was intentional or not, but it totally worked.

DanielFStudios responds:

It was somewhat intentional. The whole point was to save time during the shoot and post. By the way, that dopey face is mine.

I gave it a half a star, because it was an attempt at comedy, however it does take some skill to actually use green screen so it goes up to a full star. The sound was actually pretty good, now were at 1.5 stars. Visual were ok, the shadow on the green screen could have been touched slightly. So my final rating is 2 stars.

DanielFStudios responds:

Thanks. Anything else I need to work on? I'll take it into full consideration. Mind you, I'm poor. So, I can't afford the best software.

This is so stupid. I like it.

DanielFStudios responds:

Thanks for your compliment. It's good to hear that someone likes my work.

You've been here how long, and yet, you still haven't learned how much live footage is hated here?! Newgrounds is for animation, and any live content will kill your scores.

DanielFStudios responds:

I'm finding that hard to believe. On account of this video is mostly post-production animation and there's nothing against uploading live-action videos to this site in the first place.