Papyrus SpeedSculpt

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So this awesome dude made this.

Which inspired me to make a 3d printable papyrus head.
I love papyrus and loved the art piece.
Im a long time lurker first time poster.

Heres a link to my youtube.
Jus started.

Nice to meet everyone.
All the best.

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It was pretty detailed and I liked it but I feel something could've made the black parts in the teeth turn out better. Idk just me. good job nontheless!

TheNoobDude responds:

Always room for improvement he was designed to be printed smaller details would not have survied the print I think I have it on my page check out how he turned out.
Thanks a bunch buddy =]

not papyrus,my ass can make it better

TheNoobDude responds:


Pretty good job ^^! but It doesn't really looks like Papyrus to me...
I also think speedsculpting should be more popular here.

TheNoobDude responds:

Thanks a bunch yeah he was the first one I did.
I think it should be speedpainting is popular but funny enough
I had some dickhead say speedsculpting doesn't.
People are weird but thanks for the kind words.
The actual print turned out nicely.

His skull kinda looks like skin.

could make a better sculpt with my ass, and this doesn't even LOOK like papyrus.

TheNoobDude responds:

Heres a link to the print.


Send me a pick of the one your ass produces when you get round to it.

You have a nice day.