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Phantom Legacy Trailer 2

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"Much has changed in the years since the Old Gods have perished.

The world continues it's slow descent into oblivion, arbiters of the old order continue their struggle from the shadows, and the nations of the world, formerly oblivious to the Eldritch powers that bore this crisis, begin to harness it's potential for their own gain.

Nero, a man born from such strange powers is thrust into a world of ancient battles, New Gods, and an all powerful enigma who watches over all from his very subconscious."

Update: Hi guys, so I decided to take some of your suggestions from the first trailer I did awhile ago and revise it a bit.

Most of footage here is the same,

What's different is:
- I tossed in some new footage
- changed the music
- I made it about a minute shorter
- I also changed the credits, because you can now actually buy RPGMAKER2003 in English on steam or rpgmakerweb.

Rather than replacing the old trailer, I decided to upload it separately, because I felt there was a distinct enough change in tone from the first trailer to warrant it's own entry. (the first trailer focuses more on story, this one focuses more on action and I kind of want you guys to see the difference.)

So yeah, this is the Second Fan Trailer I made for the RPGMAKER2003 game - "Phantom Legacy" by Nightblade. (I'll probably revise this video a little a bit later on to add in the text I forgot to put in near the end, but I thought I'd show you guys what I have now, since it's October!)

You can download PHANTOM LEGACY directly from - http://noxfuture.tumblr.com/phantomlegacy

You can also check out it's gamepage on RMN: http://rpgmaker.net/games/5443/
If you like the game, please leave a comment!! - I really like Phantom Legacy. It's frustrating to me, how more people don't know about this game or how there aren't more RPGMAKER2003 games like it and I really want to change that! I think it's the first game people should check out it, if you're genuinely interested to see what rpgmaker2003 can actually do for you, in terms of game creation - It's a really cool engine to make games with!

You can now also purchase RPGMAKER2003 on steam or rpgmakerweb:
Steam - http://store.steampowered.com/app/362870/
RpgmakerWeb -www.rpgmaker.web.com/products/programs/rpgmaker2003

So yeah, please let me know what you guys think of this trailer! I plan to make a few more trailers for a couple of other well known rpgmaker2003 games, so as always, your suggestions are a TREMENDOUS help.

Thanks to everyone who leaves feedback!

Happy Halloween!


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Game looks ok not sure if im hooked enough to play it though But love the attacks wish I could of seen some attacks from the bad guys

LordBlueRouge responds:

Thanks man! I hear ya.

Rpgmaker games are hard to make, but also really hard to shoot - anything cool looking is ultimately held back by the engine. I'll see if I can step it up a bit though.

Thanks again man!

I like it, good job.

LordBlueRouge responds:

Thanks man!

Really means alot :')

Credits & Info

3.08 / 5.00

Oct 20, 2015
2:02 PM EDT