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OTB - Spooky

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Something to help everyone get in the mood for Halloween!

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Outstanding work on this

Love it

I love what you did with the moon and love what you did with ship itself so well detailed it's just wow you just don't see that amount of detail going forward like you are pushing here and that was a nice gem so nice work on this whole piece of art and flash you have I was very impressed but then again you always make lots detail and high quality stuff so I was really impressed but anyways untill next time

Just keep making stuff like this I love it


wow, this was an amazing halloween adventure!
i loved it, you created incredible details and awesome designs as always.
the T-1000 zumwalt ship was VERY realistically drawn, both in the exterior and in the interior....
the control panels and the general control room was VERY detailed, while i also liked the design of the pirate ship, with its torn sails and the clock-statue on the front of the ship(i dont know how it's called).
many great details!

i also liked that you showed the moon on the sky as a crescent moon, very nice, realistic and cool!
it fitted nicely with the whole spooky atmosphere....

as for the general story, it was cool and funny, i loved it! :)
also thanks for letting me voice act in this, i feel honored.

overall, a great movie, with many details and beautiful visuals, while it always has an awesome+funny story inside...

great work, keep up the good work!
(and happy halloween!)

RadioTubeClock responds:

Thanks! I definitely wanted to make a spooky atmosphere for this and I'm glad you like it.

Love it.

RadioTubeClock responds:


Impeccable detail as always, and what a grand adventure! XD Wonder what happened to those ghosts after their ship went up in shards hmm... nice one.


RadioTubeClock responds:

Probably floated around looking for more ships to haunt. Thanks for the review!