We Are Witches - Clarent Interlude

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Featuring the Clarent Interlude (from the mathilda pilot)

For context: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/658754


We Are Witches: A web series featuring the lives of six young spell casters. Watch as their journey unfolds in a smorgasborg of magic, mystery and mayhem!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wearewitchestheshow?fref=ts


Voices Featured:
Clarent the Paladin - Alexandra Keuls
Groinly the Blacksmith - Ram Nievera
Old man Nick - Jean Paul "Skatoonist" Crisologo

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Neat animation style. The highlight/shading on the bum and no where else (excluding background) was a nice tough of humor. Speaking of which, you draw such pretty backgrounds!

I found the two men's voices incredibly hard to understand, as others have pointed out. As I probably came in the middle of a series, I was a little lost as to who these charavters were. So, as much as the story interests me, the lack of clarity brings down my rating some. Kudos for consistent accents, though.

i loved it but will rhere be more!?

I like it and I cant wait for the next episode! The only problem was that sometimes it was hard for me to understand what the characters were saying like the joke in the begging i couldn't understand what he said. But other wise it had great voice acting and animation.

Voice acting is very good, BUT it's missing subtitles. Not everyone is an expert at understanding Irish or Scottish-like accent. The joke at the beginning went completely over my head because I can't understand what he says: "What's the difference between a ???? night and a courtesan?". Also, the bearded character speaks as if his tongue was stuck somewhere in his mouth, so I also couldn't understand a few of the words he said.

Even if the accents weren't a problem, it's still good to have subtitles so that non-native speakers can enjoy your animation better. It's much easier to read than listen to a foreign language, after all.

wearewitches responds:

Definitely! thanks for the advice, will add subtitles on future episodes and releases!

(also he says deathknight and courtesan)

we'll also improve the voice acting as we make more episodes :)

Animation was incredibly smooth and the voice acting's top notch! Also really dig Clarent's design, its great to see in motion.

Credits & Info

3.69 / 5.00

Oct 15, 2015
1:13 PM EDT