The Orphan

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"The family is the most important thing in my life. It makes my heart beat". (Phillipa Gregory "The Other Boleyn Girl")

We are pleased to introduce our debut short cartoon-drama "The Orphan". The animation film tells the story of a girl whose life is full of painful memories because of death of parents. Loss of loved ones turned into a huge challenge for a young girl. Nevertheless, she is trying to stay strong during rough stages of life.

Hope you enjoy it!

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As others already mentioned, some parts of the animation look a bit weak (characters), others great (backgrounds!). The soundtrack, on the other hand, was perfect to create an atmosphere of deep sadness - with the glipmse of hope. I'm not sure, but maybe some voiceacting wouldn't be a bad idea?

I personally liked the story arc, maybe you could have expand it over her entire lifespan, but that would have been even more work then you already invested. Maybe there's enough content for a second part (her life as a grown woman, the secret behind the fire and so on).
At least it was a touching animation, with some deep thoughts, and a good start!

Drama, they name is turtlenecks.

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Kinda mediocre. The background and visuals were pretty nice, and the music is good too, but the characters don't really look that good. The story wasn't really anything special. It was sad, but nothing really new or done in a better way. And why was she holding a portrait of her and her family on the way home? She was in the same neighborhood. And the way she goes from the dramatic hand reach at the house to a stiff pose just looks very unnatural. Also that's a pretty big fire for nobody in the neighborhood to notice, and I guess they didn't have fire alarms either.

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MarineBear responds:

Thank you for your review. I agree with you. That's our first project, and we have a lot of things to improve...

I think this was awesome because it looked well thought out and looked good story wise and the animation was pretty epic too!

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MarineBear responds:

Thank you so much! We are glad to hear your review!

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3.63 / 5.00

Oct 10, 2015
4:48 AM EDT