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Toons These Days: Ep 60

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It's been a while since I animated Doggy do something besides sit rant about stuff. I kind of miss it.

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Wow this was nice and 60 episodes is a lot you have done pretty well with this series and to bring it this far is a pleasure both for you and me I have enjoyed reviewing this piece it was amazing and congrats on on all the awards and such a very good flash you have here and something that could be better well Abit more smoother but it was really good

Mre smoother flowing would be key


Technically the show was a 30 minute commercial for the video games, since they would always find a way to advertise whatever new gameplay gimmicks or features were included in the current generation.

congrats on 60 episodes! That's a lot of hard work, you've really started something unique here and I hope you continue maybe look into some modern cartoons so you have something to talk about that's not from the 90's, after all it is called toons THESE days

Merchandising hasn't been relevant to that series' television aspect for years.
I am unsure if Doggy is supposed to be outdated in his opinions or not.

We all knew this would happen some point, its been in the dartboard long enough to grow a few mysterious things.
Great vid.