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Author Comments

Note: A preloading screen was not able to be figured out, so please be patient while the game loads.

You only have one chance. The human race is threatened with extinction as a force is heading towards the earth, ready to annihilate it. There are only two choices, launch every missile the earth has in hope to eliminate this threat or launch an ark and save a small amount. Choose.

Edit: A lot of people have enjoyed the soundtrack and I have put the music inside the credits at the end, but here it is, just in case it was missed.

The Cosmos-Sirius Beat
Deep Space-Origin
Through the Ergosphere-Simon Wiklinson
Star Nomad-Thunderstep Music

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NO STARS. (I'm a bit evil, but this will hopefully lead to improvement)

I played the game, then got to go to work... I just came back, turned on the PC, browser and clicked on my bookmark of this game... AND THE CREDITS KEEP BLINKING. (appearing, fading away, appearing, fading away, and so on) I pressed all the keys I could.
I'm unable to play the game again due to some guy without any programming studies. (Sorry, I'm mean)
I admit it, I raged. This is a GREAT game... but SMALL bugs in a game that IS EXPECTED to be extraordinarily perfect (sorry for the pleonasm) are downing it from pure gold to ashes.
Want some non-rage reasons for the lack of stars given? Here they are:
-Typos all over the place.
-The "force" ... are we Jedis? WHAT force? Aliens, a meteor, a robot from another dimension?
-Do A or do B. Get bored. (More choices mean a better experience. And there ar not really two choices... By what I heard from other reviews.. if you launch all the missiles, the Earth still gets destroyed - I repeat, couldn't manage to get to the end of the missiles scenario) - So it's quite useless to pass trough the entire story (messages) when you can simply launch a ship and save a bunch of people.
Great vocals... I must mention I'm not rating them... I'm rating the game, its spelling, look (which seems to me as a bit oldish), and code (shall I remember the credits spamming?)
Oh... And another bug: at the end, the text which is meant to explain the thing is covered by the credits which spam over them also. So I'm zero knowledge on the story.
If it's happening just to me... well, you should start making games totally compatible with ANY browser. (FYI, I use Mozilla)
I'm sorry for my madness. I hate bugs thirteen times more than others do. Now... I can't refuse my inner flame, which asks me to push that Submit button ASAP. ;)

PS: Do a good remake and I'll send 5*. :D

It was good, but i did not know not to what to do, so i pressed the red button by accident

Great game,if you launch the missiles you can save the world I'm going to do the ark this time.Very fun and psychological.

So I got an email from my family that they're playing the Clue Sponge Bob edition. I REALLY hope there isn't a Clue Sponge Bob edition... I just checked Amazon and there totally is a Sponge Bob edition. Great, now I'm going to get emails from Amazon for a month asking me if I want the Clue Sponge Bob edition. I am so launching the Ark as soon as my family gets kidnapped by indigent reprobates.

**Spoilers ahead**
Review summary:
In full review of this game (took the full 20 path), while I do share the sentiments of many comments here towards the anticlimactic ending and its relation to the score, I can't fully rate it due to that because of the essence behind it, summed up in a sentence: The game has *great potential*, but is Incomplete, and requires refining on the keen details.

There's a lacking option to turn off/adjust the sound or music (I'm sensitive to hearing and must dim down the options :/), and there's also a lacking option to shift through the different messages *post game*, which can be a very nice touch. At the credits, there could also be a button to press to go back to the game or such, other than a fading and glowing end-screen.

This has a lot of potential, and I applaud the work behind it. It can, however, be very much refined from what it is now, because the emotional pull is the strongest as the game goes on, and this may dictate the lasting impression players have of the game rather than anything else. :)
The plot was lacking--given the supporting voices and written script, there can be a LOT done in order to create a setting that doesn't give a linear ending (or gives the player that kind of idea anyway) . Lacking in that there could be so much more said with just a few words changed, and a backstory, or concise briefing added in the least.

I like how the tiny details of perspective was put into mind--this is the good part of the plot. The incompleteness: It seems to have been made to forward a 'simple and doable' idea. Simple on paper but...in practice, a lot of factors are missed (ie Missiles...this could be improved by giving a dossier of the person or a military profile record on what missiles are those on the station table for more depth and immersion
...and the threat? What're we firing missiles at? What happens because of them? Riots? There must be a severe impetus for such a grand scale of population decline to happen, and this begins with *information*. We lack information--they have information, at the end, this will leave more of a literary emotional pull than an impactful one.)

Also, we only have a minor hint of what's causing the "numbers" to go down, and even this hasn't been given much detail [which can really be improved!]. At the 7th missile or so has a scene change, of something hitting the Earth in a gaseous form. There's no note on that in the messages whatsoever?
Backing up: My point isn't the quantity of detail, but the quality given within the detail presented. There's been notes on food shortages, inequality notes, roulette shifts. . .on a wide scale, isn't even realistically possible (and may be a down note for many gamers in that regard) <- this is where a few editions could be made.

There were also typos which are easily overlooked. Summed up below, without spoilers and talking about the messages:
8th:, middle (wording doesn't sound like a president or formal official)
7th: middle (wording again), right [lied -> 'layed'];
6th: left, missing the ending 'I do too' of the child in subtitles,
5th: left, mid < wording, right 'miger = meager'
End: 'scene -> seen'

From the 4th or 3rd letter onwards, it comes off that there's a difference between the idea presented and the listener. Instant messaging. Unlike the feeling of a gap in the earlier messages, the later ones seem like instant messages despite the same 'recharge' time of the missiles.
This isn't obvious, but the tone and message wording has it come off as if its becoming an instant message network...especially with the Earth having less than 1B population at the last missile, is very strange.

Credits & Info

2.79 / 5.00

Oct 4, 2015
6:15 PM EDT