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Social Anxiety

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Whatsup peeps?

Long time no.. toon?

I've been extremely busy these past months working on a pilot episode for a series that's being pitched around in LA. I was just the animator but it was one of the biggest projects I ever worked on so far.

I also did some commissioned work for PewDiePie which is yet to be online on his channel.

Now I had some free time and decided to go for the good old animating for fun again.

Nothing special but it was really difficuilt to get back into my style after all these months working for people.

I'm also considering upgrading or changing my style overall, I'm getting used to it.

Anyway, thanks for watching and stay tuned for the next one.


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Very real

So this one was very real to the real world especially the part with all the texting on the cell phones that's what our world has come too but I do like the realistic style you bring to the portal and this flick so props to you on the awards you really made a creative piece here and I love your style I wouldn't change a thing here it's perfect

Leave it as is it's perfect


5/5 Stars

Who else noticed that ALL of the women dyed their hair?

love it

Ha Ha Super Funny! Everybody's Texting And Wont Stop! Even The Guy Under The Car! Lol