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Artist in Madness

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Happy Madness Day. Here's an improv animation I did in about 3/4 days. Hope you like it.

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Bruh wtf

A true madness classic right here the plot was pretty funny and I loved the dark theme this movie had it could of benefited from a better soundtrack though to fit the theme of the overall film but nice work

I was wondering about your evolution as an animator since 2015.

I haven't seen your work in years and your most recent work was created 2 years ago.

Do you have any plans on returning to animation?

I love the concept of a madness movie about a crazed looney drawing faces on all the madness characters.

This movie was actually pretty funny.

Please come back to animation this year.


LightningBolt13 responds:

sorry for such a late response.. i actually have been animating, but just on youtube! i figured that a lot of the stuff i had posted there wouldn't necessarily fit here, so i just stopped posting! i was actually starting to plan on making some stuff this year that would fit well on this site, so hopefully i can get some stuff here within this year.

Moral: Never try to draw faces on people's cross without permission.

LightningBolt13 responds:

Yeah, pretty much.

the sound FX didnt fit AT ALL.
but all in all this was surprisingly dark.

LightningBolt13 responds:

I was in a bit of a rush to get it the SFX. I actually honestly wasn't intending for it to be so dark, more humorous.. But hey, Madness Day is all about the dark content right?