It's a Stone, Luigi!

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Just a practice animation I've been working on. ;D Now you may ask, "What even is the point of animating something that's already animated?" Uhh...

Original video here:


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Animation was okay. A little too shaky. The colors are great choices, but I'd advise working on shading and using possibly thinner lines.

One thing that caught my eye was the mouth movement. THANK YOU for great mouth movement and not being lazy about it! Even anime's tend to have terrible mouth flaps. Like... Bleach has great art style but the mouth is completely white and only open's with one loop.

great work!

ConeZone responds:

Aww hey thanks! Yeah, mouth syncing takes a long time but it looks so much better in the end haha! glad you enjoyed it :)

Poor as hell why bother

ConeZone responds:

:( Sorry.

Some stuff was a little choppy, but overall, It was good. (also the tween at the end with mario flying in space kinda bugged me. Needs a little more animation to it.)

ConeZone responds:

Heya, thanks for the comment! :D Yeah you know looking back on Mario flying in space, I wish I wagged his arms or legs or something it looks really stiff. Appreciate your honesty man! :D