Strike Force Heroes 3

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The next installment in the award-winning series is here - welcome to Strike Force Heroes 3!

Bigger and better than ever before, Strike Force Heroes 3 brings the series to a new level with more content and faster gameplay. Shoot your way through dozens of missions and a variety of game modes as you build up your own custom squad - and if you're tough enough, challenge your friends to beat your team using the new "Squad Code".

More guns. More classes. More maps. More missions. Strike Force Heroes is back.

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eh strike force heroes 2 the best

Screw this game.
What we had in previous games:
Normal heroes with good stories.
Interesting storylines.
Interesting gameplay.
And,they were damn good games,especially SFH2,which is the best in the franchise.
And now,we have a damn MOBILE game.Yep,this game looks like those mobile games that have microtransactions.This is the worst game of the franchise.

I don't like SFH 3 for those reasons:
1. Horrible music.
2. Horrible graphics.
3. No voice acting.
4. If your soldier(hero) is tried or hurt you must left him out from battle for 3-4 days.
5. No story.

And those are reasons why i hate it. But i like new classes like Ninja.

Ive got to say, I am very dissapointed with this instalment, wheres the story? where are the characters personalities? where is nathan telling you the juggernaut has gone elemental? where is the customization?

Let me explain all those, mostly the story and the gamemodes offered, in sfh 2 it was mostly deathmatch, maybe some domination and capture the flag, in sfh 3 we have plenty of gun game, team gun game, capture the flag, and one man army which is well and good, if it werent for the fact that the lack of story makes it tedious, I seriously sighed whenever I saw that the next mision was a gun game, why so many? sure in sfh 2 it was mostly only deathmatch, but it made sense because of the story

The recruit system is good but theres a lack of costumization in how the character looks, what they wear and theres no voices, hearing gunslinger say "two guns are better than one" while holding a pump action shotgun was enough to bring the character some personality that made it fun to play and hear, in this one, theres nothing just plain bored faces and mute characters, not even the unique heroes have their own voicelines

Its my least favourite game of the series but its not bad, one thing I like is the dificulty, but theres something wrong, dificulty ussualy means harder, the issue here is that harder is paired with aimbot, and no not the skill, its redundant to play ninja because sure you get saved from getting sniped, but as soon as the bot sees so little as your feet, they make a 180 degree turn and headshot you with their custom awp

Leveling a character is awful, what I recommend new players is too keep all the weapons they can, cause if you dont, oh boy its gonna be hard to level.
The exp system is done so poorly, what is the point of being able to defeat someone who is 30 levels above me if im gonna level from lvl1 to lvl2 afterwards, and what kills me is that if you loose, you get nothing good day sir, no exp no money nothing, and taking into consideration how hard it is to level, its sad to have lost by 1 point in a deathmatch and just recive a middle finger saying "i love you", it just makes the experience boring tedious and sad

Anyways i give this game 2 stars, cause it has potential and i hope they fix the issues for the 4th game if that coming anytime soon

i have played this whole series on not doppler and loved it, but sadly it has a bug that causes it to not work on newgrounds. could you please fix it?

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3.85 / 5.00

Sep 15, 2015
8:15 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional