Strike Force Heroes 3

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The next installment in the award-winning series is here - welcome to Strike Force Heroes 3!

Bigger and better than ever before, Strike Force Heroes 3 brings the series to a new level with more content and faster gameplay. Shoot your way through dozens of missions and a variety of game modes as you build up your own custom squad - and if you're tough enough, challenge your friends to beat your team using the new "Squad Code".

More guns. More classes. More maps. More missions. Strike Force Heroes is back.


One of the best games. also

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It is a very good game that i have completed on my pc, but there is some problems for my Mac book that hope you fix.
the problems are:
-half the time i click to shoot it does not work: this is annoying when using single fire weapons like dual, shotguns and rocket launchers
-sometimes when i am respawning the countdown will keep restarting or i will have to wait 10 seconds before it even starts
-it still lags badly when i set the quality and graphics to low

other than that great game.

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You may want to balance this game, Mission 6 is impossible to make with only gunslingers. Give the Enemy the same class, so I can one-shoot everyone because of the lack of life and reaction time. Thanks.

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The game is not bad overall. For those who think that there's no story in the game, well there is, but it's so little just like you guys said. Anyway, here's my small summary of the story:

So basically GlobeX and the scientist at the intro deployed the "Clone Army" all around the world, trying to put a stop on the heroes. Your job is to, well, eliminate all of them. There's some cut scenes once you finish the final mission, but I won't tell anything about it. Go see it for yourself.

I really like the recruiting system, as it is random and you'd get to try classes with different perks that they have. It's also great how we can unlock the heroes from other installments as well, which I think is pretty cool. Getting guns is pretty much luck-based on the slot machines, and you'd get poop frequently, which makes me frustrated sometimes. Oh, the shop also sells custom guns as well, but it's a very small chance. If you do get one from the shop, consider yourself lucky.

The AI bots are pretty much random. Guns are random, classes are random, perks are random and their attachments are random. The chances of them holding a custom weapon is very low, so that's kinda fair. So if you're facing a team with rocket launchers, snipers and some very powerful guns, just leave the match and start it over. It'll be all random again and it's a whole new team of probably BM9s and G36Rs.

The only problem with this is the lag, even if you change the quality settings the game is still laggy (but it improved a little, JUST a little). There are also some weird movement glitches where you (and some AIs) would get stuck walking in a direction and completely uncontrollable. The only fix to that is to suicide or let the AI kill you, allowing you to respawn and move again freely.

Is this game bad overall? Not really... But this is indeed the worst installment in the whole SFH series. Besides that, I had fun playing this game.

Challenge my team: (All of them are Level 30 with custom weapons)

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3.90 / 5.00

Sep 15, 2015
8:15 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional