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Basically, if Hulk were to have a baby, this would be him. The child with a short temper and bulging muscles decides to cause some panic in the city.

I am no back ground artist and I realize there are mistakes in the animation, but I was tired of reminding myself I needed to animate this.

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Two years ago I made fun of your bad animation. I'm impressed now, and I know you must be so fucking proud about your evolution.

Congratulations, keep growing!

Deadtuna responds:

I still make fun of my old bad animations. Also I would like to apologize for when I was a dick. Was going through a lot of stress. Still am today, but not as bad.

That is one scary infant and this is a cool cartoon! What's the song that plays AKA the guitar riff heard while Musclebaby wreaks havoc in the city?

Deadtuna responds:

I bought the song from audiomicro.com. It is royalty free. it is called "The Filth" by getjoolz

Loved it. :D

Deadtuna responds:

Haha glad you did!

It's alright. Still, give it props for being original.

Deadtuna responds:

Woo! Ha ha thanks. I will try to make something even better next time.

Not bad. Obviously needs some work. Keep it up,

Deadtuna responds:

Lola no one is perfect. I hope it made you smile. Ha ha

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3.41 / 5.00

Sep 14, 2015
3:23 PM EDT