Free Will Revolution - 05

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Enter Antigone, Darius' weapons designer. I neglected to post this when I had the chance, so here it is anyway.


This is the first of these I've seen, so take that into account. I thought the animation style was very interesting, my only serious complaint relating to the hand and lower arm animation. I'm no artist, but the hands looked kind of fat, and the lower arm animation seemed very mechanical. Maybe tone the hands down a notch, and include a little upper arm movement when articulating the lower arm? Voice acting was pretty good, but the female artist's recording quality was noticeably tinny -- her rig (rather than her acting) is the weak point at the moment. The script made me think that this was a parody of something I don't know, but I see it's classified as comedy-original. If the "parody" feel is what you were going for, it worked. Three stars overall, extra half star for interesting animation style and decent voice acting. Not quite intriguing enough that I'm going to subscribe or hunt down the other episodes, but keep up the good work, regardless.

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The animation was still good, but it wasn't as amazing as the others in my opinion. Maybe it was the voice acting between the two. It sounded so...childish, and unnatural, unlike your other animations. I don't know, maybe I'm being picky, but I hope you bounce back in the next episode.

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Its great animation quality but both voices were kind of annoying. With that quality of animation, you could find a lot better voice actors to voice the lines. And some of the jokes were pretty childish... "uncontrollably poop your pants" being one of them. Mature it up a bit and you could have a real winner here.

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I really dig the animation style and colors you've utilized.
The scene in the beginning where he's walking up to the table is well done.
Good stuff.
There are just a couple of things that don't mix as well with the overall quality of the rest though.
The first being the recording quality of the Antigone's voice as compared to Darius' well mixed / EQ'd voice.
The second may just be nit picky, but some of the character's hands seem a bit too large / awkward in some scenes.
Other than that, I enjoyed watching this and will be checking out the other episodes.
Keep up the good work!

This made me wanted to watch the previous one, I loved the yellowsish colors and scenarions it really gave a mysterious vibe all around, as for the voice acting as good, and interesting plot as well.

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3.77 / 5.00

Sep 11, 2015
6:45 PM EDT
Comedy - Original