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The Machine

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Something a bit abstract and out of the ordinary for me but I still felt like doing it so it's probably going to be a one time thing + It taught me a lot about TVPaint which I'm gonna be using from now on while making Nites & other animations =)

Music composed by http://carlonec.newgrounds.com/ - Carlonec, I highly recommend that you check out his work here http://chriscarlonecompositions.webs.com/ ^^

YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/extellus
Vimeo https://vimeo.com/extellus
Portfolio https://extellus.carbonmade.com/

Carlone's compositions http://chriscarlonecompositions.webs.com/

e-mail: extellus@gmail.com

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I have no idea what this is supposed to mean, but the animation is good.


VERY INTERESTING animation, l loved it! The style was great and worked really well. lt didn't exactly tell any kind of story, or mean anything (l don't think), and is really is just a compilation of loops, but it has a really special sort of charm to it. The music was fantastic kudos to carlonec, and your loops accentuated the music really well.
Well done and keep up the great work

looks great as always, I really like the new direction you took with this one. makes me wonder where you will take the next animation, what world you will introduce next

and the music is amazing, mad props to carlonec!