Link Wears Two Masks

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I hope you enjoy this video :D

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So if the moon crashed and nobody died but Link, then it looks like Link managed to save Termina in his own special way.

Funny Majora's Mask parody!

Now, if you could just collaborate with ArtistGamerGal to do a version of this flash with her lol flash,
Zelda Sailor Majora's Moon Mask.

that would be epic, maybe add a TARDIS... and a harem... heheheh

I always wondered what it would be like to stack masks. I LOVE the ReDead and I die laughing when Goht gets crushed by boulders!!

This flash video is so damn great. I think its a hilarious flash video because he puts on the mask and he automatically transforms into a different character. Usually that's what happends in the video game but I think its a great flash video.