Transsexual Collab

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I bet you voted 5 on this. I bet you scored a slot in late night television with this. Boring!

Everyday my dad hits me over the head repeatedly with a box of Easy Mac. He tells me that it's because his life would be "Easy Cheesy" without a disappointment like me. Now I finally have a beautiful piece of work to impress my old man with. Thank u.

Juke responds:

whos this imposter im telling wade

Seizure warning! ffs

Juke responds:

I have been trying to stay out of the negative mindset. I have been avoiding places where there’s negative people, blocking negative people on social networks like steam or skype, avoiding filling my blog with creepy dark stuff. I think it has worked to a pretty high degree to be honest. I haven’t had the daily instances where I feel my mind getting overwhelmed with self hate. It’s pretty nice to be honest.


I found this to be lacking, just about everywhere, and full of hate. I actually reserve the word hate for people that discriminate against people on the basis of color, gender, and religions that still believe in science.

3 of you can just quit now.

Kaptainroll, you are clearly the most talented of your associates. Kudos. This whole 1.5 stars is for you. I hated it the least.

Juke responds:

good point ill be sure to do that in the next flash