Super Hacky Sack

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Hacky Sack is Back! Now you can use your mouse and play all the crazy modes from Part 1!


How interesting

It's always great to see games from older times that hold up to today! This is tons of fun simply because of how fast paced it is. There are all these things going on and all these balloons and everything else. The only thing I did not like was how it was weird how it kept saying I only had 2 or 3, when I'm sure I had more. This is a great game to get yourself all pumped up for, because you have to keep on playing it! Just clicking the mouse button works well too.

The artwork is great with how it depicts the arms and legs just flying everywhere. It's coolest on the menu when you change clothing for some reason. The colors are nice and clear and it's funny to see those little powerups show up. I was never good at hackey sack in real life. This reminds me of how my brother is a fan of it.


I got 1001 as my score. The physics were really lacking; the you couldn't hit a hacky sack 172 feet in the air if you were on the moon. I felt as if I was playing a beach-ball keep-up game, the hacky sack was too big on the screen. The movement was too slow and the animations were too fast. The options were nice, but the scenery was cluttered and made it hard to see balloons and time bonuses. It's passable, but it's just not a very good game.

This game is ok

The concept is decent, but the animation, physics and lack of music make this game very uninteresting and has like 0 replay value. Plus if the bag gets close to the sides, its pretty hard to get it to move off. Very little control on what you are actually doing makes it frustrating as well.

Makes me want to play California games so I can kick ass on a real hackey Sack game :D

ididnt like it

yea i dont like no offense


Real hacky sack is way more fun. This was really boring. Sorry.

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3.27 / 5.00

Oct 17, 2002
1:28 PM EDT
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