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Toons These Days: Ep 58

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This, like the past few episodes, were meant to come out a year ago back when this franchise was still popular.

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I honestly liked the Omniverse more than the original, probably cuz I found the art style more appealing.
I haven't really gotten into it much, I've only watched a bunch of episodes from both.

well whatever omniverse did, it did it well. I watched the entire original series, then went straight to omniverse. I had nostalgia for the original series and a negative bias against omniverse (the art style and theme tune definitely take some getting used to) and came out enjoying omniverse as much as I did the original series, with the bonus of it all being new to me as opposed to the original series, which I had seen before. OH and they also do a better job at exploring the universe then either alien force or ultimate alien does. there. I said it.

I couldnt agree more.

You also forgot the part where the designs looked awful comparing to the first season

lol I felt the same way about power rangers lol