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Oni Yu Can Scare Them

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At last!

After 1000 years, I, The Great Demon Lord, have risen from my slumber!


Nobody remembers me! 1000 years is a long time and it seems that history has completely forgotten my existence!

Oni Yu, you must remind everyone why I am THE Demon Lord!

Go out to the villages and give them a scare, so that I, The Demon Lord, Ruler of All That is Unholy and Evil, can return to a bit more of an appropriate reception for a monster of my stature!



Move with the arrow keys, hit A to jump and interact with cutscenes, and hit S to possess stuff. The game does require patience, but trust us, you're in for a good laugh!

Made in three days for Ludum Dare 33.


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oni yu can scare them, was that a pun?

Troisnyx responds:

The pun was intended, yes.

Only you can scare them.


Scaring samurais is where it's at xD

pretty bad ass!

How something so dreadful can be so entertaining?

I mean... the sound is terrible, and I really liked it. The art is like and Atari game, and I liked it. "Cutscenes" are probably drawn by a 10 year old, but I liked it.

It's a smart game, but not too hard. It's a bit irritating when you have to wait patiently on one level for the shaman to pass by (that's the only instance where I had to wait, I rushed the rest of the game and completed it). Perfect game for ludumdare.

Troisnyx responds:

Hehehe, the cutscenes are drawn by a 10-year-old.
Said 10-year-old is me by the way, and you would think rather differently if you saw the art I do.

Otherwise, glad you enjoyed the game! ^_^