Oni Yu Can Scare Them

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At last!

After 1000 years, I, The Great Demon Lord, has risen from my slumber!


Nobody remembers me! 1000 years is a long time and it seems that history has completely forgotten my existence!

Oni Yu, you must remind everyone why I am THE Demon Lord!

Go out to the villages and give them a scare, so that I, The Demon Lord, Ruler of All That is Unholy and Evil, can return to a bit more of an appropriate reception for a monster of my stature!



Move with the arrow keys, hit A to jump and interact with cutscenes, and hit S to possess stuff. The game does require patience, but trust us, you're in for a good laugh!

Made in three days for Ludum Dare 33.


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Scaring samurais is where it's at xD

pretty bad ass!

How something so dreadful can be so entertaining?

I mean... the sound is terrible, and I really liked it. The art is like and Atari game, and I liked it. "Cutscenes" are probably drawn by a 10 year old, but I liked it.

It's a smart game, but not too hard. It's a bit irritating when you have to wait patiently on one level for the shaman to pass by (that's the only instance where I had to wait, I rushed the rest of the game and completed it). Perfect game for ludumdare.

Troisnyx responds:

Hehehe, the cutscenes are drawn by a 10-year-old.
Said 10-year-old is me by the way, and you would think rather differently if you saw the art I do.

Otherwise, glad you enjoyed the game! ^_^

this is a wonderful game it's a very good brain teaser as you have to think to pass some of the levels and be very decisive with every move you make sadly i couldn't finish the game the last level (or what i assume is the last one as the evil one said there is only one left) proved too difficult i did find one or two things wrong that together ended up costing one star there was never an indication to there being a jump button at any point and in one or two of the levels jumping is required to reach certain spots that allow you to progress if there was indication i apologize i just did not see it as i was very enthralled with the game and the press any key on the menu did not seem so accurate to me as i sat there for about a good five to six seconds pressing many buttons to try and figure it out before it started (no idea which key started it sorry to anyone who may view this for insight if this isn't only my problem) there was also a certain point where a kappa would constantly walk infront of a well and i could only possess the well not slap the kappa but with patience he moved so that contributes nothing to star loss it simply means a few more seconds of the music which brings us to my what is sure to be a long good section once this game started i was amazed at the story simple as it was it brought the game to life the hand drawn artstyle made everything seem so surreal and the music made me feel asthough i were staring into the eyes of an opponent sword in hand the new characters to avoid and scare were introduced beautifully and i just couldn't stop playing! (well until i failed but that's my own fault i only make it so far in games like this) this game makes you think on your toes as you may sometimes get stuck in quite a jam that while still salvageable will require picture perfect timing this game strikes on a very personal note with me as i fancy myself a demon hunter and it is not often the hunter is put in the shoes of the prey all in all you more than earned these four stars!

Love the theme, the music, and the 8-Bit Graphics. Nice work!

Troisnyx responds:

Cheers. ^_^

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3.63 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2015
9:00 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle