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This is an ad I made for Alka Seltzer. I wasn't paid to make it, or even asked to, but that's never stopped me.

This video utilizes an animation technique I like to call "Keithoscoping". I like to call it that because my name is Keith, and I don't know what the actual name of the technique is.


I like a LOT of what's going on here. It's not a success, but you've got a really great sense of style that I appreciate. I like the "PLOP"s on the screen, which work really loud.

If I'm correct about how you're animating the mouths (e.g., animating on top of video), it's still rotoscoping. But maybe you're doing something different - not sure.

A few critiques that will help along the way:

- the lip sync, though probably rotoscoped, is off in places, which is one of the weird things about animated lip sync - you have to be early a frame or two much of the time;
- Also the lips move way too much. I'd suggest finding the syllables you want to emphasize and broadening those, but leave most of the mouth closer to shut. It's way distracting.
- The kid's head goes up when he speaks like bad puppetry rather than chin down. Perhaps this was a stylistic choice, but for me it's not working.
- Probably the biggest critique, there is a lack of emphasis and so much going on that the viewer is going to miss most of it. It's a fireworks show of every single pyrotechnic going off at once (and everything super-saturated besides). You need to really concentrate on composition and emphasis, and on limiting your choices, something I've also had to learn. That duck with a cigarette was hilarious - but I didn't even see it till the third time through this video!

By the way, where did that soundtrack come from? It sounds 60s maybe?

Awesome and keep going!

i wouldnt mind seein the heads spin

I didn't enjoy it that much. It seemed to not have much effort put into it. Pretty original though.

kinda cool

That was cute. I really liked the graphics, though I wish the photos that you'd put on there was animated.

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Aug 23, 2015
11:12 PM EDT