Attack of the Lobizarudo

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Absorb projectiles of your own color to grow or the opposite color to shrink. Grow too much or shrink too much and you're dead!

Use the X key to change color.

This game was made in less than 48 hours, for the 33rd Ludum Dare compo. the theme was "You are the monster".


I didn't find the game very engaging at all, the visuals are appealing, and the idea works, however it really does get boring after awhile, even if it were a mobile game, I wouldn't see myself spending more than 10 minutes playing this, it's just so bland, topped with the somewhat unfitting, short loops of music, the game is mediocre at it's best. That being said however, it's not bad for being made in less than 48 hours.

I can't be the only one getting this glitch. When I die and come back, I auto shrink or grow, depending on what I was doing when I died. So then I just keep dying.

It's an old concept, changing color to match projectiles. But this is a nice take on it. I've never seen the mechanic of having to juggle your size before. Cool idea.

Kinda C64-ish, I think it's cute, but not something that is gonna keep people sticking around. I like the visuals.

The one thing I will give you credit for is the visual design. The gameplay is boring and uninspired and the music is kind of making my ears bleed. It sounds like you've just drawn in a bunch of random midi notes.

Endless is endless.
Remind me flappy bird.

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2.77 / 5.00

Aug 23, 2015
4:37 PM EDT
Skill - Other