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TD-The First Day

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When you go to school on the first day, you have to be careful about making friends, or not making friends, or looking too eager to make friends, or looking too crazy to have friends.
And so on.

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It all starts with the simplest things! :D Ah, collage, when getting friends was as easy as just talking to whatever person was sitting anywhere nearby... life sure gets complicated the higher the level. Good stuff.


Awesome as always man! Keep up the good work!

Your story, narration and the minimal use of your artwork to present a scene or expressive mood in one short frame is masterful. No...really. This is a terrific story that has everything to hold my interest at least.

Five stars and a '5' submission rate! Excellent work.

Ha! Nice, the bit about the Epoxies reminds me of hangin' out at a strip club with Roxy Epoxy quite a while ago. She made fun of me for being a prude and kinda ignoring the strippers - I also have social anxiety weeeee. A cool lady otherwise. Thanks for bringing me back to a fun memory.

Raziberry responds:

The pleasure is all mine.


I have been a big fan of yours for a long while, I just have to say to keep up the good work.
Gracias por la inspiration para ir a una universidad cuando tenga la lana para pagar la. Aunque no voy a poder tomar los, "fundis", te agradesco por la inspiracion para estudiar lo que uno quiere.