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Me, Wake Up! Mini: Pinang

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Dreaming on Islet 5 Points

Checked the More Games.

Festival People 5 Points

Checked the game's credit.

Careful Festival 25 Points

Woke up with 100 clicks or less.

Festival Rush 25 Points

Woke up in less than 90 seconds.

Festival Time 25 Points

Woke up for the festival.

Rare Tempeh 50 Points

Found tempeh on the Peak Plate.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

More "Me, Wake Up!" Mini series.
A bear has fallen a sleep too long and it was late for a festival. Help the bear to wake up from the bear's dream by solving the festival game tower inside the dream.

The game theme itself was based on one of my country's independence festival game Panjat Pinang where you climb a pole to get a prize on the top. Also, a lot of the objects in the game was based on the real life stuffs that commonly can be found during my country's independence day.

Also this is my old game which I haven't uploaded into this site, with updated version now. This is also the last Mini installment I made in 2013 and I haven't made any Mini installment since then. However, there is one more "Me, Wake Up" game we made as NM (Nightmare) series. However, it might take longer to update especially that game was using Haxe (also, that game was my programmer's first time using Haxe) so some code might have differences.

Click the "?" in top left for walkthrough or here:

Update 1.0.3 (21st August 2015)
- Added version text
- Added medals
- Changed music to older version
- More games goes to more game screen instead of instant link
- Added scoreboard
- Fixed some typos
- Change preloader
- Fixed some monologues
- Music switched more in certain places

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Story is cute. However, game play was quite random. Also, I found it confusing and difficult moving between levels within a pole although I knew I had to use a tool to open a lid. Thanks to the walk through, I couldn't have solved the marble puzzle without it. On the screen, it said they didn't belong together. How strange! Other than that, I had no problem finishing the game.

Squeka responds:

Thanks again for the feedback! :)
Also, thanks for spotting the glitch. I will let my programmer fix the glitch in the future :).

Another fun game to the series

Squeka responds:

Thanks! :)

The last game you made made zero sense to me and so I went into this one thinking it'd be lame. The puzzles (though easy) were logic based and every item had a use that was easy to discern. Cute graphics and a cute story. I enjoyed this.

Squeka responds:

Thank you very much for the feedback :).
I was really lack of intuitiveness that time when making the game (the game was made 2 years ago).
I hope I can improve it when making more point & click game in the future especially this series.

I really like this series :) also I learn logic and I can finish game easily :))

Squeka responds:

Thank you :).
Logic skill does really helpful :).

Going in, I half-expected a flop like many other games on newgrounds that begin with an advertisement, but I can honestly say that Me, Wake Up! Mini: Pinang makes the cut gameplay wise, despite falling short everywhere else. I'll say this right now: If you're not a fan of puzzle games, or if you don't like thinking much during the game then just move on. It's going to have you use your brain multiple times throughout a playthrough.

The object of the game is for you find a way to wake up the bear. You end up solving puzzles in his dreams, as well as collecting items. This isn't much of a description to go on, but I can't give any more away than this without revealing spoilers. Anyway, you are NOT playing as the bear, instead you are playing as yourself in this story. Wake up the bear so that they can get to the festival!!

The puzzle answers are completely randomized per-playthrough, so each experience will be slightly different than the last. And when you complete the game, it shows you the total amount of time it took to win, as well as clicks on your mouse. It will then give you a final score, which I'm unsure how it's based on mathematically. Someone else will likely decipher this soon enough.

However, the downside of Me, Wake Up! Mini: Pinang is that it's too short, which makes it difficult to take seriously. The game took me 11 minutes to complete, and that's just because I didn't know what I was doing. The average time to complete it however is actually 5 minutes! And according to the newgrounds medals it's possible to do it in less than 90 seconds!! So yes, this game is way too short. Another criticism goes to the same f***ing 28 second song loop every single room you visit! While it's nice that a mute button is included, it still makes the developer look lazy. Also, the tag is missing "Puzzle" something which the game is centered completely around. Finally, when you set a newgrounds medal as a click on "More Games" objective, it's an act of desperation.

I had a small issue with the graphics at first, but got used to it by the end of the game. And I realize now that the picture books is done really well in it's art style, especially in the prologue. Damn, that epic prologue art! Put a portrait of it on my wall! Anyway, the best part about this game is how you have to solve puzzles through what is given to you, along with the environments around you. It's a real accomplishment when you legitimately solve a puzzle in this game, you get that good feeling inside..... and that is what truly pisses me off!! The game is done so well but is too short! Does it have me wanting more? Honestly, I don't care because the small amount that was delivered made me so angry!! It may sound like whining because it's a free game, but imagine if it wasn't free!? Imagine how outraged gamers would be if they had to pay real money to play a 90 second game!?!
In the rate that it was going, I would have given it an 8 out of 10, maybe a 9 out of 10. I almost gave it a 7. But the lack of content is just too heavy to ignore, and is generally not appreciated in the gaming community, unless it's a demo. Then by all means - proceed. But gamers do NOT want to play unfinished games, and they do not want to play games they can finish faster than a bathroom break. So the final verdict for Me, Wake Up! Mini: Pinang is a 6 out of 10 - Slightly above average! It is worthy of a playthrough or two, but doesn't deliver enough for it to be "the game".

Final Verdict: 6 out of 10
NG Rating: 3 Stars

Squeka responds:

Thank you very much for the feedback :).

Credits & Info

3.18 / 5.00

Aug 21, 2015
11:45 PM EDT